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Chiedu J. Nchekwube, MD, FAAFP, ABIHM

Founded an Integrative Medicine program at The Wellness Shoppe and the Family Medicine and Wellness Center in Merrillville, Indiana, since 1997.

He is a graduate of Howard University Medical School. At Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, he interned in internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

He specialized in Family Medicine at Indiana University. He is board certified in Family Medicine. Additionally, he is Subspecialized and Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.


Dr. Nchekwube has been in private practice of Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine for over 30 years. He is an adjunct clinical assistant professor of Family Medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago and Indiana University, Northwest Indiana.


Dr. Nchekwube’s medical philosophy is based on the fact that the human body is infinitely wise and constantly self-healing. The treatment strategies he embraces encourages the body’s own healing mechanisms to operate maximally, using natural agents, mostly. Over many years of personal development, he has developed and teaches different variations of traditional Meditation practices.


More About Chiedu J. Nchekwube

He lectures on wide ranging Integrative Medicine topics, to educate people on Wellness and Self Care. At the Family Medicine And Wellness Center, Dr. Nchekwube developed the MidLife Rejuvenation Therapy employing Bioidentical hormones, Nutraceuticals and Mind-body techniques to enhance the quality of life for men and women.


This program is very popular and a game changer, for many individuals who are suffering from the ravages of aging. The Program helps with Age Associated Memory Impairment, Low Sex Drive, Fatigue, Bone and Muscle Mass as well as many Chronic diseases.


Dr Nchekwube's overarching long term practice goal is designed for Self-Healing and Self-Empowerment.

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